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While South Side Bank strives to protect your banking privacy, you also play an important role in protecting your information. Here are a few steps you can take to protect your identity:

Security Information 

Mobile Banking Helpful Hints
Identity Theft - Don't Take the Bait!
* Tis the Season...Don't be Scammed!
* FDIC Consumer's Guide to Cybersecurity


Common ways identity theft can happen:

"Old Fashioned" Stealing -Thieves typically steal wallets and purses. They also steal mail such as credit card and bank statements, pre-approved credit card offers, check orders and other financial mail.

Dumpster Diving - Thieves dig through trash looking for bills, financial or other personal information.

Change of Address -Thieves modify or redirect your billing statements to another address by completing a "change of address" form.

Phishing -Thieves may send unsolicited Emails, pretending to be a financial institution or a company, asking you to click a link to update or confirm your personal or login information. The link is directed to a "spoof" website designed to look like a legitimate site.

Skimming -Thieves may use a card reader device to copy the card's magnetic strip to duplicate without the card owner's knowledge.

Monitor your accounts -Keep track of transactions on your accounts by logging in to South Side Bank's Online Banking, where you can view your activity as it is posted.

Protect your personal information

  • Do not carry your Social Security card in your wallet.
  • Do not have personal information such as your Social Security number and driver's license number printed on your checks.
  • Keep your new and cancelled checks in a safe place.
  • Do not leave your purse, wallet, checkbook, or any other forms of identification in your car
  • Shred or tear up any documents containing banking or credit information, especially pre-approved credit offers, before you throw them away. 
  • Keep your PINs and passwords a secret. Do not write them down or share them with anyone. 

Contact us immediately at 309-676-0521 if you notice any suspicious or unusual activity related to any of your South Side Bank accounts.